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Session 1: June 18th

Session 2: June 26th

Session 5: July 12th (Session moved from August dates)

Session 3: July 20th

Session 4: July 28th

Session 5: August 8th (moved)




Session 1: June 25th

Session 2: July 3rd

Session 5: July 18th (Session moved from August dates)

Session 3: July 27th

Session 4: August 4th

Session 5: August 18th (moved)




How do you handle food allergies?

We do the best we can to accommodate for food allergies at camp. Keely’s Mom and amazing camp cook, does an incredible job helping the girls with specific dietary needs. However, if there are certain foods a camper needs we suggest they pack snacks and/or alternative foods.

What should I pack?

We will send you a detailed packing list prior to your session.

How do I tune my skis at camp?

The Mt. Hood Academy has tuning benches. Please bring your tuning equipment. Also, our coaches are available to help tune skis if you are new to it. We also have a tuning class the second night of camp to help you learn to tune your own skis.

I just started ski racing, am I ready for your ski racing camp?

Usually we require at least a year of ski racing experience to handle Mt. Hood’s terrain. You can email to inquire about your ability and/or send video of your skiing to us!

How much extra spending money should my daughter bring?

There are quite a few ski and souvenir shops in Government Camp. If your daughter needs new ski gear or just wants to send a postcard home there are plenty of places for her to shop around. We would suggest $50-$100.

Can I visit my daughter while she is at camp?

Please do! Swing by and check out the scene at the house.  Warning though, you won’t leave with an empty stomach! Mom loves to feed everyone.

Where can parents stay in Mt. Hood?

We stay in Government Camp which is the main town near Mt. Hood. It is a short 20 minute drive from Govy to the mountain. If you are interested in staying in the beautiful Mt. Hood area during the week while your daughter is with us, there are a few great options:

Timberline Lodge–

The Huckleberry Inn (make sure you have one of their famous ‘Huck Shakes’)

Mazama Lodge-


Will there be opportunities to demo skis at camp?

Keely’s Camp provides a full demo fleet of slalom and gs skis for the summer by There are also opportunities in Govy, June and early July, to demo skis with a variety of different ski companies.


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