Day 4: Slalom, 15th Birthday & Libby’s Yoga

July 22 2012 BY Keely

Slalom today! We had 4 sections set for the ladies. It was a beautiful day on Palmer. The snow froze over night and training went really well. The girls were all excited to get their slalom dancing shoes on!


After training we had the opportunity to do yoga in the park with coach Libby. The girls were very attentive and impressed by Libby’s insane yogi moves. Libby led a wonderful class in the sunshine and I could tell all the girls really enjoyed a challenge that also led them into relaxation. We have been training so hard, so it’s really nice to have Libby teach the girls the importance of taking care of their bodies. The coaches all joked after that we needed it as much as the girls. Hauling around 50 pound salt bags and gates all day makes your shoulders and back pretty tight.


We also had a birthday today. I love birthdays at ski camps. Sophie Turok turned 15 today and we celebrated by eating the AMAZING chocolate cake and cupcakes my mom baked up. We captured some fun shots from the day. Enjoy and stay tuned…~Keely~