Day 6: Last Day of Session 1

July 24 2012 BY Keely

The last day of slalom and session 1. We had a dual course to start off training. Coach Hailey Duke and camper Sofia Yubero ‘duked’ it out. “RED COURSE READY, BLUE COURSE READY, RACERS READY…GO!”


I think the girls had a lot of fun racing each other in the dual courses. Additionally, I think dual courses are a great warm up for training. They get the girls moving and aggressive in the course. Plus they are FUN and are an opportunity for the girls to get their race face on!


After the dual courses we had 4 sections of courses. All the sections tried to accomplish certain goals in the girls’ skiing. In the morning we had them set at 10 meters. After break we switched all the courses up to tight fall line, 8 meter courses. I like the idea of the girls running two totally different courses in one session of training. It teaches them to adapt their technique and line quickly.

The upper left of this picture is World Cup slalom studette and coach extrordinare Hailey Duke giving a disco demo.


We all had an amazing week and worked hard as a staff to provide the girls with the best possible ski camp experience. On to session 2! Thanks to the athletes and staff (Mom, Jess Kelley, Katie Hitchcock, Libby Ludlow & Hailey Duke) for your hard work and positive attitudes. What an INCREDIBLE first week! Stay tuned…~Keely~