Day 6: Slalom, Start Faces & Skits

August 1 2012 BY Keely

Wow! I cannot believe tomorrow is our last day. We had 5 sections of slalom courses set on our lane today. We started with quick feet drills then set slalom brush and stubbie gates. We also had a section of leaner gates to help the girls who are learning to cross block. A few girls have accomplished learning to cross block this session. Their coach and World Cup Slalom skier, Anna Goodman really helped them gain some confidence with crossblocking.


For dry land today we had the girls pack for traveling tomorrow. They also had to work on their skits. It’s tradition at camp to perform a skit at the end of the camp. The skit can be anything from what they experienced during the week, or poking fun at their coaches. We as coaches also have to perform a skit and it is always an entertaining night at the Academy House.


Today we also added a fun competition which was the best start face. Here are the pictures below along with some others from our great day of slalom training. Stay tuned…~Keely~