Warren Miller Montana Day 2

February 6 2013 BY Keely

Day 2

Location: http://bridgerbowl.com/

Boots & Skis: Tecnica/Blizzard http://blizzardsportusa.com/

Clothing: http://www.descente.com/

Goggles & Helmet: http://www.shredoptics.com/

Back Protection: http://www.slytechprotection.com/

Avalanche Safety Equipment: http://www.backcountryaccess.com/



Our day started at 5:30 am and finished around 4pm. It was a long and fun first day of filming. I don’t have the pictures to show it, but we did get to see the sun today. Early morning we were allowed to take the Bridger Ski Patrol Palmer up to the Ridge. I haven’t skied Bridger Bowl since I was a kid, it’s nice to be back.



Something most may not know about filming is it’s a lot of hurry up and wait. Kind of like when you are at the top of a downhill course and a fog cloud rolls in. You wait for the light to show up so you can shred it. Same thing, filming we wait for the light and look for a path down the mountain, hopefully making the skiing look uber sweet!




It’s also important to note how much camera gear Chris & Logan carry, often times through really difficult terrain. What’s great with them is they have been doing it so long they know what to shoot. But it’s also cool because they take skier feed back. A lot of the time we see something from a different angle and can collaborate with the Chris and Logan on what they see. I’d have to say one thing I’ve learned from the filming process is good communication goes really far.



It’s my second time filming and I have a lot to learn. I feel lucky to work with vetrans in the freeskiing world. Elyse has plenty of experience and I like listening and learning from her. Crystal has a great eye for terrain and explains it well. Both her and Elyse are ex-racers and I like their lingo on the mountain like, “take that tree like a gate.”


Check this video out of Elyse. It inspires me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCt2EYBia8I



Right: Early Palmer Left: Crystal and Elyse on the Ridge


CP gets to lug this around. Pretty awesome.