Warren Miller Montana Day 3

February 7 2013 BY Keely

Location: Big Sky, MT/Beehive Basin

Boots & Skis: Tecnica/Blizzard http://blizzardsportusa.com/

Clothing: http://www.descente.com/

Goggles & Helmet: http://www.shredoptics.com/

Back Protection: http://www.slytechprotection.com/

Avalanche Safety Equipment: http://www.backcountryaccess.com/


First things first, the buffet at the Huntley Lodge is unreal. Highly recommended is the biscuits and gravy with a side of love handles (gravity sport right? I think I’ll have another).  It’s a strange but awesome feeling coming to my home resort and staying in a hotel where I used to poach the same buffet.




We spent the day touring in Beehive Basin. Again another path down memory lane. My mom’s favorite place to take us wildflower picking was in this basin. Now that I’m an old lady (28 haha), well old enough to finally appreciate where I grew up. I didn’t realize that not every kid grew up with Lone Peak as their babysitter or ‘recess cancellations’ due to ‘bufallo in the playground.’ Thanks Mom and Dad for not raising me anywhere else.




Every day in Montana is like being in a National Park. Check it,  the photo below of Fan Mountain blows the mind. I digress. We toured a lot today. It went like this:  skins off, get the powder shot, skins back on, hike to another powder shot, sometimes fall off skin track and faceplant, get down with your bad self on those lovely things we call skis…and…commence painting the mountain for the camera.




Sometimes when I film I don’t know how I’m doing. Did I make that look good or did I blow it?  There were times today I definitely felt like I lost my mojo; however, two shots later the communication went smoother and you ski exactly where they want you to.





I think the hardest part of filming is seeing two different things. What I’m seeing is totally different from what Chris or Logan see. I could be standing at the top of a ridge looking at the wrong set of snaggly  trees. They say ski skiers left of them, so I do; but in reality the snaggly trees are ten yards to the right. I just looked at the wrong set of trees.






My favorite part of filming:


1. It makes you look at what you ski differently.

2. The people you meet are amazingly talented at what they do.

3. You learn a lot, it’s challenging, and most importantly it’s fun!


I wouldn’t be the skier I am today without loving the challenge of our sport. Everyday you can go out there and find something new to work on. It’s a life long sport. I will be working to improve my skiing till I’m ninety.



Alright time to sleep. Another big day tomorrow.




Elyse through the trees

Fan Mountain, see what I mean?

Pascal the Photographer/Mood Accelerator

Badass Beauties- Elyse and Crystal

Only in good ole Montucky…love being home!