Warren Miller Day 4

February 8 2013 BY Keely

Location: Big Sky, MT/Beehive Basin

Boots & Skis: Tecnica/Blizzard http://blizzardsportusa.com/

Clothing: http://www.descente.com/

Goggles & Helmet: http://www.shredoptics.com/

Back Protection: http://www.slytechprotection.com/

Avalanche Safety Equipment: http://www.backcountryaccess.com/


Day 4 started at 6:30am. Of course I had to grab my biscuits and gravy and take a picture of it. In the first part of the morning we took advantage of the light to do lifestyle ‘skinning’ shots on a ridge line. The funny part of the morning was skinning back and forth on this ridge. We went back and forth around ten times, all the while we are in front of this house. In the house someone is having breakfast and just watching us. We watched him drink his coffee and eat a banana, he (we later found out his name is John) watched us skin back and forth, back and forth. Quite the entertainment for both of us.


The interaction with John made me realize what I love so much about Montana people. Whenever I come home things slow down to  ‘Montana Time.’ People are nice, they invite you into their home for coffee and wave at you on dirt roads. We take the time to appreciate our surroundings. It’s hard not too with views like this (see Lone Peak picture below).


We again trekked up to the same area we skied yesterday. There’s plenty of powder to find up there. This morning the rime on the trees made the morning shimmer like something out of movie…wait we’re in a movie. We found some cornices to jump off, along with some more tree skiing.


One shot that deserves special mention: CP climbs up this tree in his ski boots! I thought this was so badass. It reminded me of my racing days when coaches would scale trees to video our race runs. So Elyse and I split the tree together and swooped in front of him making tight slalom turns. At one point we almost touched shoulders, but we to kept our pace and it worked out. It was my first time skiing with another person this shoot. I really like shots like that, where you get to coordinate your turns with a friend.


As much fun as shooting is, being able to take a free run is defenitly needed. Shooting takes a lot of patience and standing around, then go, go, go! Then you’ll find a new zone and everyone has to get into place before cameras can start rolling. It’s not like we are out there all day just skiing as much as possible. It takes time to make art.


When CP set us free to ski to the trucks, Pascal and I went on an adventure. We ended up finding this incredible twisting run through the trees. My face started to hurt I was smiling so much. Through all the hard work and focused turns all day it was nice to go ski for your soul a little. Not that I’m not putting down soulful turns for the camera. It’s just that you are free to go wherever you want. Paint it anyway you want. No cameras. No marks to hit. Just you and your friend hootin’ and hollerin’ the entire way down. This is why skiing is my job, because I love it. I love to ski!


(P.S. Pardon my nostalgia, the older I get the more I reflect.)



Thanks for those soul turns Pascal! Yehaw!



Enjoy the pictures. -Keely


Half eaten best biscuits and gravy ever

John: What are you guys doing?       CP: Just a little filming for Warren Miller

John: Cool! Well if you want to come in for coffee or a bathroom break swing by.

Logan & Crystal on the skin up

A room with a view, Lone Peak in all her glory

CP risking it all to find his moment

Left: Crystal and the crazy Montana sky  Right: Elyse painting her moment and CP capturing it