Warren Miller Montana Day 5: “I’m a thorougbred that’s what he said…”

February 9 2013 BY Keely

Location: River Road, Gallatin Gateway, MT (Near my house)

Boots & Skis: Tecnica/Blizzard http://blizzardsportusa.com/

Clothing: http://www.descente.com/

Goggles & Helmet: http://www.shredoptics.com/

Back Protection: http://www.slytechprotection.com/

Avalanche Safety Equipment: http://www.backcountryaccess.com/


Tonight after our day I was watching the Bourne Identity. The car chase scene in that movie is insane. All I could think about was, “We just got a glimpse of how that movie magic happens today.”


A lot of you have seen the lifestyle shots they do in Warren Miller. Like Jess McMillan driving that sweet race car last year in Flow State? Today we jumped in my dad’s  ‘Pard Truck’ and did the same (see definition of ‘Pard’ below). The Pard Truck has some serious history. It’s a 1974 Dodge Pickup my dad has been driving around the Gallatin Valley for twenty years. Mostly it’s used for hauling hay, firewood, kayakers needing a shuttle, furniture, or other random stuff.


Today the Pard Truck’s hard work finally paid off. In all it’s glory, the good ole Pard Truck gets to show up in the 64th Warren Miller film. I had my fair share of cuss words and laughs today, especially when I saw it had slammed into a tree outside my dad’s house. Apparently, Pard Truck’s E brake doesn’t work. I parked it on a hill, went inside for a potty break and came out to it smashed into a tree like bush. Thankfully it stopped Pard Truck from dumping itself into a gully. CP and Crystal both witnessed the event.


I called my dad in a bit of a panic, “Dad since when did Pard’s E brake stop working?”

Dad: “Keely… just always assume that nothing works on that truck.”


Commence cussing out the truck by trying to put it into first. All Cyrstal, Elyse and I heard was this loud screeching noise every time I missed the gear. Nevertheless, in true Pard Truck fashion, it pulled through to create some pretty cool movie magic and memories. Never in my life did I think I’d see a $125,000 camera strapped to the old truck I grew up loading hay into (yep you heard that right, a lot of money fastened down to a piece of s#*t truck). The joke was made today that the Shred goggles hanging off the rear view mirror could go for more than the truck.



We saw some suave moves from our cameramen today. At one point CP was harnessed to the back of the truck hanging off the end. Then there was the mad science between Logan, Pascal, Brian & CP in fastening the camera to the front of the truck. This is so you could see us in there singing to country lyrics like, ” I’m a thoroughbred that’s what he said.”
Enjoy the pictures below. I think they give better visuals than I can describe of the fun that ensued today with Warren Miller.




Pard: A partner, companion, or friend.



Post crashing into the tree-bush, the one and only Pard Truck

Left: Hanging with Emma in the Pard    Right : Mad scientists under the Big Sky

Left: CP harnessed in tight         Right: “Sing that one more time Keely.”

Left: CP doing his thing and doing it well    Right: Crystal, a true cowgirl