Warren Miller Montana Day 7: Finding our Cold Smoke

February 11 2013 BY Keely

Finally, the snow is here! We’ve been having a week of no snow and a lot of ‘farming’ for powder. As much fun as farming is, it was a treat to wake up to snow falling. We again hiked up Beehive Basin to find the goods.


Starting at 9am we scaled our regular path to the top of the ridge. We crested over the top and were blasted with forceful snow and winds. I don’t have to go to the spa for a facial, mother nature gave me a nice Microdermabrasion on the ridge. Ladies of winter, no longer do you need to spend copious amounts of cash on facials. I perscribe ten minutes on top of a windy ridge line for optimum exfoliation.



We found safety from the wind in the trees. Guess what else was in the trees…powder!  Crystal had the first shot of the day. We didn’t know how much snow there was till we saw her disapear in the cold smoke tailing her. So commenced our first day of filming real Montana powder.


There were a few mishaps. Though the snow did feel bottomless in most areas, Crystal found one line that took her out. The snow snakes jumped up and grabbed her. She hit a pile of rocks and fell really hard. Her helmet was actually dented. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t been wearing it. Banged up and lacking a pole she continued the day. It’s really difficult to fall that hard and stay in such high spirits. I knew she was hurting. I applaud her for her strength and tenacity to continue working hard.


We ended our day at 5ish. I’m one tired kid. Goodnight, enjoy the pictures, and wear your helmet.





Pretty cool to think this guy has been shooting Warren Miller films for over twenty years. Photo by Pascal



Left: Through Pascal’s lens  Right: The windy ridge of doom


Elyse is good at this.


Pascal and CP last shot of the day


Of course we love Instagram! Thanks for the picture Crystal.


Perk of being home to film…getting to see the Big Sky Ski Team girls before their super g race.