Ella’s Experience: Blog 1 Session 3

July 27 2013 BY Keely

This is Ella’s second year at camp. Read about her day and the fun energy she always brings to camp. Here is Ella!


My name is Ella. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am 12 years old and I ski for the Snowbird race team. This is my second year in Keely’s Ski Camp for Girls. This experience has been amazing.


Today the coaches split us up into groups and showed us around the mountain. We did some free skiing and some drills. For our last run, we made a human slalom, it was really fun! For dryland we played soccer and kickball. Everyone really got into the game and it was great. Afterwards we drove down to salmon river to swim. Salmon river is glacier runoff so the water was freezing. when we finally found a spot to jump in, my friend pushed me in. It was cold, but fun to swim around in. This day was a great way to start camp, and I’m really exited for more!



IMG_4042 IMG_4048


Here’s the sign we made at the airport to greet our new friends——-First day! That’s me closest to the truck (the truck’s name is Baywatch).



IMG_4050 IMG_4051 IMG_4052

Van ride to the Salmon River———————-Dish duty faces———————–Coach Chelsea teaching us about din settings