Words from our Tecnica/Blizzard Girl on Fire ‘Race,’ Karin Rand

January 6 2014 BY Keely

What a whirlwind of excitement! Here is the video that I submitted for my application:http://vimeo.com/78361749

I am so thrilled to have been selected for this scholarship! I found out about the Girl on Fire Scholarship on Facebook and decided to try my luck, I wouldn’t mind having new pairs of skis for the season and a trip to Mount Hood! In the process of writing my essay for submission I was able to focus in on some of my goals for the season and how much it would mean to me to have support from this scholarship. When Keely called to say that I was chosen, I teared up with excitement. I felt so honored to have been chosen and I feel so inspired by what Keely is trying to do by supporting girls through her camps.


Right away I got in touch with Joe Dunn who is the eastern representative for Tecnica and Blizzard. As my small wave of Facebook fame subsided I set up a time to go and get my gear at the Tecnica/Blizzard office in West Lebanon, NH. When I arrived with my dad, Matt Larson who had set up a time for me to come down, met us at the door. Inside my two pairs of bright orange skis were waiting for me along with some sweet t-shirts, hats and an awesome backpack for all my gear to fit into. I felt like a celebrity as I was introduced to everyone as “The Girl on Fire”. Matt set me up with some boots and off I went all geared up and ready for the season.




After a day or two skiing on the new boots I got in touch with Matt who set me up with a time meet with Bart, “The Boot Whisperer”, so I could punch my boots out to accommodate for my wide feet, quite a luxury. I have skied on my fitted boots and sharp slalom skis for a  few days now and trained at Cochran’s. The skis are smooth and the boots are perfectly stiff. I feel on fire while training and I am excited to race at my first point race of the season at Cochran’s. I am so psyched to be all set up on my new gear. This is such a great experience for me and I can’t wait to kick off the race season! Thanks so much to Keely, Joe, Matt, Bart, and everyone who has started me off on what I hope to be my best season yet!

-Karin Rand, Girl on Fire

Matt, Megan, me, and Sam with all my new gear!
Meeting the President Sam Cook.

Matt setting me up with the right sized boots.


Canting my boots with Bart, I’m a little knock-kneed.