Meet Josie: our Tecnica/Blizzard Big Mountain ‘Girl on Fire’

January 23 2014 BY Keely

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I can’t possibly start telling how excited I was about winning the Tecnica/Blizzard, Girl on Fire Scholarship. When Keely first called me, I was in school and she asked if I wanted to be the “Girl on Fire.” After I got off the phone with Keely, I was literally dancing back to my class. I was so aflutter that I tripped over a desk and fell on Josiemy face.


I first went to go get my boots. I had been a racer for 8 years and have been skiing in my race boots for 4 years. It was time for them to go (not only because they were small, but also really malodorous). The boots have taken some toenails, but like any new boot, it takes a little time to get used to.

I was a little nervous to order skis online as I had never tried anything like them. I read review after review, and with some help from Keely and Frank Shine, he’s the Tecnica/Blizzard Freeride Team Manager, I picked the Sambas and the Dakotas.

When I took my first run on the Blizzard Sambas, I was giggling! They were so much fun and responded so well to technical turns and supported all airs and jumps. The Dakotas, as fat as they seem, still have an amazing radius and are such a joy to ski on.  I suffer from “new ski syndrome” meaning if I see a rock or even a shrub in a run, I’ll stop, and move over 20 feet, away from any possible dangers that might damage my beautiful new skis.

I am so stoked to be skiing on Tecnica/Blizzard and can’t wait to represent them as I travel around the US on my last year of the junior tour. I cannot thank Frank, Keely, and the Tecnica/Blizzard Team enough for everything. Here’s to a good ski year!