Session 1Day 3: Best Day Ever :)

June 23 2014 BY Keely

So today was basically the best day ever. It started off  with the fantabulous dukearobix stretching and running sounds great right? After our “morning awakening,” we walked into the house and were greeted with a great breakfast, eggs and potatoes.  Then we loaded the vans, let us re-phrase that, scrambled into the vans. On the way up to the mountain it was a complete dance party!

We unloaded the vans and started our journey up the steep parking lot to start a free-for-all to get our fabulous ski gear on. We tried to hold our own with the Russians in the lift line. Already the day had the sun out and the prettiest color of blue we’d ever seen.






We rode up the lift and found none other then THE Ted Ligety standing at the top. And of course we’re going to get a picture with him. Who wouldn’t?! Booyah Grandma!





The snow was great and allowed for many break throughs. The course was great because it was set by only the best coaches ever! Although skiing down to the parking lot was a soupy, slushy, soggy mess it made the perfect training conditions seem even better. We got back from skiing and rushed to get in line for more delicious Jennifer food.  The coaches didn’t tell us what dry land was going to be. Tension was building to find out what dry land was.


We saw an obstacle course but we couldn’t do it because we had to go on a two mile run around the lake. Once we got back we realized that we had to fight for our water balloons in a relay race with another camp. Once we got the chance to gain our weapons (water balloons) we begain to battle. From then on there was no stopping us. We were chucking water balloons here and there. When the battle was all over we took the cooler full of water and dumped it on Hailey Duke.


Yours Truly,

Gabby Nixon, Maci St. Cry, Krya Long