5 of the Best Experiences at Keely’s Camp

June 25 2014 BY Keely

The Keely’s Camp Experience


The writers: Bridey, Zipper, and Coco.


Bridey Bush is a 14 year old first time Keely’s camper out of Park City, UT. She specializes in extreme piano playing, lacrosse, and drinking milkshakes.


Zoe “Zipper” Livran is a 15 year old fourth time Keely’s camper out of Vail, CO. She specializes in cheesy jokes, competitive vacuuming, and mountain biking.


Courtney McCabe is a 14 year old second time Keely’s camper out of Boise, ID. She specializes in icing knees, professional unicycling, and underwater basket weaving.


5 of the Best Experiences at Keely’s Camp


Yes, skiing is the highlight of this wonderful camp, but here are some of the bonuses to Keely’s Camp!


1. The Water Balloon Fight at Dryland


After a long run around Trilium Lake, the girls were treated to a water balloon massacre by coaches Hailey and Erika. Then a brave few jumped in the icy cold lake for an extra cool-off.





2. Hiking/Aerobic Speed Walking up to Mirror Lake


Zoe was the motivator during the task. Then she went all-outdoor-expeditioner-extraordinare and ended up in a tree trunk. At the lake, some chose to swim with the crawfish and all gazed at the beautiful view.




3. Rafting


What an awesome way to spend a day off! Full of tanning, screaming, and chills.




4. Arcade Visits


One of the hardest things to do is resist going into the arcade on your way to Govy General or The Huckleberry Inn. How many tickets for a rubber duck?


5. Jennifer…Keely’s Mom.

Ingredients: delicious meals, funny/embarrassing stories about the coaches, and enough guts to kiss Ted Ligety. Thanks Jennifer!







Thank’s Keely, Jess, Erika, Hailey and contributors for an amazing camp- can’t wait until next year!