Session 1 Day 6: Our surprise rhymes with giggity…

June 26 2014 BY Keely

Today started out pretty bleak as it was raining and was extremely foggy on Hood. We didn’t take as long to get out of bed, which was a plus +! Once we got to the mountain we sadly found out that the Palmer chairlift was closed due to poor visibility and rain, so the coaches gave us the option to either free ski on the Mile or go back down to the Academy House.




About 15 of us including us two stayed and skied in the mashed potato snow…. It was TOTALLY RAD!  We skied two runs and finally said ENOUGH! We were done with the rad mashed potato snow.







We went back to the house, watched the US vs. Germany World Cup game, went for a hike in the rain (it doesn’t stop us), and… had skit night! It’s tradition at Keely’s Camp that each ski group performs a ski in front of everyone.





Tonight was a little different. This was no ordinary skit night, we had a sneaky surprise in store for us from the coaches. After all of the groups did their skits (Sarah’s group won and Mackenzie’s placed second), it was the coaches turn.




At first the skit was a little sucky, but once Ted Ligety walked through the door not a single camper screamed. JUST KIDDING, not about the Ted part, but about the screaming part. We all let out blood curdling screams. Maci fondled his water bottle with her feet and Audrey cried. Mackenzie and Sarah kept their cool. So all in all today shaped out to be flipping AWESOME!









Peace out MT. HOOD,


Mackenzie, Sarah and the rest of SESSION 1