Session 2 Day 2: Get in the Van!

June 30 2014 BY Keely

Get In the Van! Sayings and Learning at Camp



Words by Annika Linkenbach and Sarah Helm




“Flush Twice!”
“Check the Time, Check the Time, Be on Time.”
“Send it!”
“Boom Carve!”
“Shut the Doors!”


You may be wondering what we learn at at ski camp based on our most frequently used phrases. Let us give you the inside scoop. Today one of our focuses was to pressure your turn early. We had brushes set up in the course which you had to go around to get a high line. Having a high line in the course makes it easy to work on our technique and improve run to run. We took 6-8 runs in the course, based on our energy levels. The repetition has really helped us improve.The hard snow and sunny weather really helped with training and working on each of our focuses. The first day it was quite foggy. Being able to see the view from the top of the mountain made skiing all the more merrier!




Surprisingly we only have one more day of GS, then a day off and three days of slalom. We have learned and accomplished a lot from our amazing coaches. They have taught us a lot in the last couple of days and are always fun to be around. Throughout the van rides, jokes, carving, and laughing there’s improved skiing, good food and a lot of fun!



P.S. We also went on the Waterfall Hike today!