Session 2 Day 3: GS, U.S. Soccer, and Cows

July 2 2014 BY Keely

We had fun writing this blog, thank you for reading! 


Anna Szabo & Jessie King




Today was quite an eventful day!  Immediately, the snow was already soft and very hard to ski on.  Since today was our last day of GS we would be running a course all day long.  The coaches had to throw a lot of salt. Keely said it was the most she has ever put on a course!



After our awesome and very warm day of skiing, we watched the U.S. vs. Belgium soccer game.  By the end of the game, the whole camp was downstairs cheering on the U.S. team!  We are sad they did not advance, but are very proud of them!




Then next was our adventurous hike up to Mirror Lake.  Some girls were scared to get in because of the rumored crawdads.  The cold water was very refreshing after a long, sweaty day.  It also felt wonderful on our sore legs.




For dinner we had a delicious dinner made up by Jennifer, followed by a wonderful cake!  Jessie and I have met a lot of amazing, talented and wonderful new girls and that is really exciting!  Every year we come back to this camp it’s amazing and we improve our skiing by leaps and bounds!




Also we added a picture Jessie took from home. She put a Keely’s Camp hat on her pet cow! Check it out!