9 Survival Techniques for Skiers with Cabin Fever

July 25 2014 BY Keely

9 Survival Techniques for Cabin Fever

If you’re a skier you’ve experienced it. It comes unexpectedly and strikes hard…CABIN FEVER. You’re stuck inside, it’s dumping or raining and the mountain is closed for days! What do you do?!


Keely’s Campers are here to help you and have compiled a list of 9 Survival Techniques  to handle the often times boredom, lethargy, and insanity that go along with having Cabin Fever.


Disclaimer: some of these techniques are not applicable to all, though if certain levels of cabin fever are attained you may find yourself braiding your buddy’s hair.


1. Take naps- You’re going to be bummed that you’re missing out on skiing. Take naps to pass the time and to keep your sanity.




2. Braid Hair- Have you ever wanted to learn to fish tail or corn roll? Now’s your chance.




3. Break Out into Random Dance Offs-Nothing boosts your serotonin levels like busting a move to Miley Cyrus. Though you may feel regret afterwards, because it’s Miley Cyrus…just do it.


4. Netflix- For those of you who do get lucky enough to have internet, Netflix is key. Also is good if accompanied with Oreos and other yummy treats, which will later give you a terrible belly ache…and gas. Don’t worry you have time to sleep that off with your naps.




5. Go Outside Anyway!- Even though you’re trapped in bad weather, DO NOT let it deter you from being AWESOME! Get outside and be adventurous. You are going to get a different perspective on your surroundings and appreciate them that much more when the sun pops out.





6. Play Games- Indoor foursquare (not a good idea, but it was fun), Twister, Cards, Taboo, Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, Imitation Dance Off…there are so many. Get creative. Through games you learn things about your fellow Cabin Feverers you otherwise would not have known.i.e. who braids the best, who has sneaky card game tricks, who breaks out in random song, who farts the most, who has the biggest sweet tooth, and who makes everyone laugh.





7. Eating- Pay attention, this may be the most detrimental coping mechanism. Though you are experiencing extreme Cabin Fever at this point, over indulging will not cure your lack of skiing distress. Eating your emotions doesn’t work (we did, we don’t feel good). Pace yourself. If you see ten cupcakes on the table save some for the rest of us.




8. Seek Out the Sun and Exercise- Right now your Vitamin D levels are at an all time low. If you are able, drive to lower elevations to find the sun and alternative activities. If you are snowed in…sorry you are beyond hope. Maybe do some pushups and gobble up those ten cupcakes.





9. Take More Naps- Just because you can.





This list was compiled by all 25 girls at Keely’s Camp Session 3. The sun just showed up so we are OUT OF HERE! For those of you still suffering from Cabin Fever: Hang in there! The sun is bound to show up soon. 


Thanks for reading!