Session 3 Day 4: We Made It!

July 26 2014 BY Keely

After three brutal days of laser tag, obstacle courses, fairs, and Netflix, we FINALLY got to ski! No more Cabin Fever for us! For the past three days Timberline was pounded with rain and even a little thunder, but today’s skiing showed no sign of that. The sun was ours and so were the slopes.




Bright and sunny skies made for a great first day back. Being that it was our first day on snow, we just did drills with our groups. Before skiing, we hadn’t really talked to some of the girls that were in our ski groups, so it was great to get to know them a little better. It was also nice to be able to just free ski and get the feeling back without having the pressure to run gates.




For lunch, we had hot dogs and lemonade, which was followed by a hike/run up to Mirror Lake. After completing the hike, almost every girl jumped into the ice cold water and swam all the way across the lake and back. The opposite side of the shore had a great view of the snowfield. A few of us got a little turned around on the hike and had to take an interesting alternate route. Who knew that floating logs on the side of the lake turn over when you step on them? Not us. Today was a much longer day than our others have been, and all of us came back to the house exhausted for sure. We are excited for three more days to go!





Thanks for reading! –Addie and Alex