Session 4 Day 3: Faceplants and Crawdads

August 1 2014 BY Keely



As usual we started the day at 5:30 with the moon still up. Then we ate a delicious breakfast (thanks to Jellybean). We got in the vans without scratching Jerry. The mountain was a little bit cloudy, but that didn’t change our skiing. Our last day of GS proved to be an awesome one!  As the coaches were setting up the courses, everyone took some ripping free runs.




After many epic runs in the course, Coach Megan showed us how to do starts. We were all excited to see an Olympian show us how to explode out of the start gate. Megan really went for it and went straight over the ‘handle bars’ in her demonstration! After laughing extremely hard about Megan’s face plant (which made our day) we all carefully skied down the hill. (Coach Megan better known as Squeakers is awesome!)




We were pretty tired after training and all had to take serious naps. For dry land we hiked to Mirror lake. Beautiful as always, the lake was surprisingly warm.  A majority of us swam all the way across it while dodging all the crawdads.




When we got back to the other side we had a crazy session of log push-ups. Lil’ Ripper (Allison), who is ten, did 108 push-ups, while the rest of us barely got to 10!  As we returned from our voyage, we all raced to get the first showers.




Blog Writers: Allie Tardif (Tardy) & Hannah Lautenberg (Hanananah)