Session 2 Day 1: We miss you Jennifer!

June 27 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Heidi Wills and Jessie King from Montana.

It’s hot here and by hot we mean melting. Waking up to go skiing was easy…it meant getting out of our sweaty beds! We got ready so fast that we were thirty minutes early for the vans (totally impressed our coaches on the first day, we’ll see how long that lasts…). Unfortunately, Jennifer (Keely’s Mom and camp cook) is gone for the first two days of camp. We miss you Jennifer and can’t wait for your return!


After we got our skis we climbed the calf burner hill to the lift. Just joking. But really our calves cramp up a lot on that haul…

Our first day we always take it slow. All of the groups did basic drills. We all had so much fun. My group (Jessica King,) coach is Keely and I had four girls with me. The group conquered all of the drills we faced.



Heidi and her group coach Alice, had a fantastic morning. Alice is an amazing and caring coach. We learned quite a bit from her in only one day! Unfortunately, we did not get to ski with coaches Leanne, Jess, and Waddle but we spent the afternoon with them.

They were unbelievable as usual. When we got home we all raced to the kitchen to eat. Before dryland all of the girls either went to town or tried to get some rest. For dryland we went to Frog Lake and it was not what we expected. The ground was mushy and slimly. We all felt gross and decided to drive to another lake.



We found a secret beach and enjoyed the view. And what a view! The lake was beautiful and had fresh water. We all got home and had tasty lasagna plus a team meeting. Our coach/intern, Carina, gave us an informative lesson on turning skis. Our day ending with warm cookies (baked by coach Jess) and our nice beds.