Session 2 day 4: GO USA & Rafting Rules!

June 30 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Hannah Lautenberg (Vail, Colorado) and Abby Harmon (Helena, Montana)

After 3 hardcore days of GS training on Mount Hood, we got a day off. This day consisted of white water rafting, watching the Women’s World Cup, relaxing, and delicious food. Although we “love” waking up really early to shred the gnar, we were excited to sleep in. Our morning started off with scrumtious pancakes made by Keely’s mom, Jennifer. Then we GOT IN THE VAN to our adventure on the river.



When we arrived at the Deschutes River, we GOT IN THE BUS and drove to the put-in spot. Then we GOT IN THE RAFTS and took off. We went through a couple of class 3 and 4 rapids which were a BLAST! We played a lot fun games such as the trust fall, where you hold each others paddles and lean backwards over the water. Then most of us GOT IN THE WATER and swam around, and even swam through waves and rapids.



After we finished our epic day on the river, we GOT IN THE VAN and ate our sandwiches on the ride home. When we arrived home,we GOT IN THE SHOWERS and ran down stairs to watch the Women’s World Cup. The match was USA to Germany and the score was 2-0 USA with the win…BOOM CARVE!!!!!




Anywho, we had one of the funnest (yeah that’s a word) days ever and are excited to ski slalom these next few days with our amazing coaches!