Session 3 Day 2: Tubular day on Hood!

July 22 2015 BY Keely

Bloggers: Hannah & Riki from Montana!


What we did today:




  • We rose with the sun at 5:30am

  • Loaded our skis into Jerry the truck

  • Had a delightful breakfast made by Keely’s mom Jennifer!



  • We then “GOT IN THE VAN!” and headed up the hill…

  • We loaded the lifts and started our day on the mountain



  • All of the campers then skied on sheets of ice until 8:30 until it started to soften up

  • Then the coaches split us up into our groups…

  • Afterwards we ran stubby drills and then ate a snack at 9:30



  • For the rest of the day we were in our groups running the course and getting videoed

  • We headed back down to the house at 11:30

  • Jennifer made a yummy lunch of baked beans and hot dogs!

  • Then all of the campers got to enjoy an hour of free time



  • At 2:00 we headed out for dry land

  • At dry land we had a game day! We played soccer, ultimate frisbee, and kickball!

  • And finally we had the rest of the day off to hang out and go into town!