Four Favorites from Keely’s Camp

Session One Highlights from Coach Interns BB Hall & Jessica King




We have loved getting to know everyone this session! It was really fun to have our own group to coach and get to know! We definitely learned a lot about coaching as well as our own skiing.




Another highlight had to be the epic dance party we had at Wildwood State park. Due to bad weather, we couldn’t go skiing on Friday. But we ended up seeing a movie and then having a super fun barbeque at the state park. A dance party, and s’mores, followed lunch of course.




We also really enjoyed playing games during dryland one day after skiing! We played kickball, soccer, and birdy on a perch. The games were very entertaining and everyone had a great time.




Last but not least was the great weather that we got on our final days of skiing. It felt great to enjoy the sun on Mt. Hood.


Overall, Session One was a big success! We learned so much while interning and working with all the girls. It was a great experience!

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