Coach Intern Highlights – Meet the Ellies!

March 31 2019 BY Keely

It’s our hope that the girls who come to camp as athletes are motivated to one day become Coach Interns and eventually become Camp Coaches who act as mentors for the next generation of girls in the mountains. 

Meet the newest Summer Camp Coach Interns! 

Ellie Nichols (4)


Keely’s Camp: How many years have you attended our camps?
Ellie Nichols: 6 years

KC: Which camps have you attended?
EN: I’ve been to every camp. I started at the race camps, but I’ve gone to the Big Mountain Camps in Alta, Backcountry Camps in Montana, Iceland, and Kayak Camp in Jackson, WY.

KC: What is your favorite camp memory?
EN: My favorite camp memory was at the first backcountry camp in Montana. Most of the girls there had never toured before either, so it was super fun being able to experience my first turns in the backcountry with them.

KC: What makes you most excited about being a Coach Intern?
EN: When I first went to the race camps I was 11. I always looked up to the older girls and interns because they were so inspiring to me, and now I want to do the same.

KC: In one word, what does Keely’s Camp mean to you?
EN: Inspiring.


Ellie Nichols (5)


Keely’s CampHow many years have you attended our camp?
Ellie Gober: 7 Years

KCWhich camps have you attended?
EG: I’ve attended the Mt. Hood Race and Kayak Camp in Jackson, WY!

KC: What is your favorite camp memory?
EG: There are so many! One of my favorites is probably when the whole camp was playing hide and seek tag in the woods right outside the academy house. It was so fun.

KC: What makes you most excited about being a coach intern?
EG: That I get to be a part of the awesome group of women helping girls become better skiers, it’s a super rad program that Keely has made!

KC: In one word, what does Keely’s Camp mean to you?
EG: Happy.

THANK YOU TO THE ELLIES for joining us in our mission to empower females in the mountains!