Collaborating with the National Brotherhood of Skiers to Support Diversity in Skiing

The Rivers family at Keely’s Camp in Loveland, CO.

In hopes of sharing opportunities that support diversity in skiing, Keely’s Camp reached out to Henri Rivers, President of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) and father of two Keely’s campers, Henniyah and Helaina Rivers.

Below is what Henri had to share with the Keely’s Camp community about the opportunities at the NBS and how our Keely’s Camp community can support more diversity in skiing.

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Guest Entry by Henri Rivers,

President of the National Brotherhood of Skiers:

The National Brotherhood of Skiers is the largest African American ski council in the world. We have over 50 clubs in the United States and the United Kingdom. Our mission: “To identify, develop and support, athletes of color who will win international and Olympic winter sports competitions representing the United States and to increase participation in winter sports.”

With that said we have been fortunate to align our “Team NBS” athletes with one of the most awesome ski training camps in the United States. We started sending a few of our athletes to Keely’s Camp (all girl camp!) in the summer of 2019. Their improvement was immediately noticeable and their appreciation for the specific “girl only” environment was tremendous.

As this dreadful pandemic -COVID-19- engulfs our world and the atrocities of racial injustice have been brought to the forefront of our everyday lives, we as a community and a global society must come together to combat social injustice and spread unity, inclusivity, and equity across every spectrum of our world.

Team NBS Member Henniyah Rivers training at Keely’s 2019 Thanksgiving Ski Racing Camp.

Keely’s Camp has shown they have the capacity to aid in gender equality, personal and athletic growth for the young female athletes that attend their camps. The NBS and Keely’s Camps are joining forces to help the ski industry address the lack of inclusivity, equity, and diversity. The NBS will continue sending female campers to Keely’s Camps.

Keely’s Camp wants its community to feel free to provide support via donations and in kind support to the Olympic Scholarship Fund of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, WWW.NBS.ORG.

Let’s support this initiative and enhance our commitment as our relationship grows.

-Henri Rivers, President, the National Brotherhood of Skiers