New Year’s Resolutions From Seven Inspirational Women in Skiing

LIBBY LUDLOW, Olympian, Writer, Entrepreneur:

“One of my goals for 2019 is to connect with other women in my life more often. It’s easy for me to get isolated in the day-to-day of work and mom life, but my friends are such fun and amazing women and I don’t see them enough. I want to make sure I spend more time with them this year.”

KRISTIN WADDLENCAA Racer Bates College and Keely’s Camp Coach:

“In 2019 I would like to pursue a path to become a helicopter pilot while being open to the changes and challenges that 2019 will bring.”


“My goal for 2019 is to put some of the silliness back in my skiing-not worrying so much about perfect turns or perfect airs, but more of-can I penguin slide this run, or what would it feel like to make a turn without thinking so hard.”

CHELSEA MARSHALL, Olympian, 9 Yr U.S. Ski Team Athlete, and Keely’s Camp Coach:

“Be present. Spend more time with the people I love. Travel to new places. “

LAURENNE ROSSOlympian and Current U.S. Ski Team Athlete:

“I am going to try to not crack my knuckles as much. I have been experimenting with this by just being aware of when I do it, and I have started to count how many times I do it per day (on average 20-40 knuckle cracks). It’s bad. But I’m going to try! I’m also going to try and make friends with fear. I’ve always been an advocate for this, but often forget when it comes to my own life and battles 🙂”

ANNIE RENDALL, NCAA Ski Racer for Dartmouth, Marketing Manager and Coach for Keely’s Camp:

“Reflecting on the past year, I feel so grateful for the amazing people in my life! My intention for 2019 is to be present with others. When having conversations and spending time with friends, family, coworkers and athletes I want to pay attention and mindfully listen.”

ANNA MARNO, 8 Yr U.S. Ski Team Athlete:

“1) Watch more sunrises. I am always grateful when I will myself out of bed early enough for the first light.
2) Send more letters to friends and family. It’s such a nice way to remind someone that they are important and loved.”

Thank you for your inspiration, ladies! Happy New Year!