Olympic Ski Racing Champion Lindsey Vonn Inspires Keely’s Campers on Zoom

Olympic Champion Lindsey Vonn stops by on Zoom to Inspire Keely’s Campers

This fall Lindsey Vonn joined Keely’s Thanksgiving Ski Racing Camp on Zoom for an inspiring Q & A. In lieu of the Women’s Olympic Downhill today in China, check out our Zoom Session with Olympic Downhill Champion Lindsey Vonn.  Many thanks to Lindsey for taking the time to answer questions from our campers and inspire the next generation of girls in ski racing!

In addition to our Zoom Q & A with Lindsey, check out the Lindsey Vonn Foundation by going hereThe Lindsey Vonn Foundation provides scholarships and programming for education, sports, and enrichment programs to give future generations the tools they need to reach their goals and discover their grit within.