Keely’s Camp: Updated Covid 19 Policy

Overnight Camps Updated Covid 19 Policy

Keely’s Camp requires staff and athletes participating in Keely’s overnight camps to be vaccinated unless granted an exemption**. Federal public health and infectious disease experts continue to emphasize that vaccination is the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for those eligible. 


If your daughter is feeling sick prior to camp or at any point during camp please contact Keely’s Camp staff immediately. If your daughter has a known exposure prior to camp or you find out about a known exposure while your daughter is at camp, please contact Keely’s Camp Staff immediately.
For Day Campers: If your daughter is not feeling well in the morning please contact Keely’s camp staff prior to her attending camp for the day. If your daughter is feeling sick while at camp, we expect that a parent is available to pick them up.
For Overnight Campers: If your daughter is feeling sick during camp Keely’s Camp, coaches will contact parents as soon as possible. Please make sure your emergency contact information is current. Keely’s Camp coaches will work with parents to make a plan that is best to keep Keely’s Camp Staff, Coaches and Campers healthy. If it is determined that your daughter should leave camp early, we expect parents to be available to pick them up within 48 hours of being notified by Keely’s Camp staff. If it is suggested that a Keely’s Camp athlete self-isolate while they are waiting for a parent to arrive, this may be at the family’s expense.
International Camps
Keely’s Camp requires staff and athletes participating in Keely’s International Camps to be vaccinated for Covid 19. No exemptions will be provided for International camps.

If your daughter is not eligible to be vaccinated prior to camp, Keely’s camp offers many day camp opportunities! 

Please contact Lindsay from Keely’s Camp at with any questions. 

** Keely’s Camp may provide exemptions to this policy for medical and religious reasons; however, it is up to Keely’s Camp discretion on providing exemptions. For medical exemptions a note from a Medical Professional should be sent to Keely’s Camp 30 days prior to attending camp. For medical or religious exemptions please submit your explanation via email to for us to review.

Keely’s camp staff is continuing to monitor COVID 19 guidelines and monitor information put out by the CDC. Our injury and illness policies will be updated as needed.

Thank you for your understanding in keeping our staff and campers healthy and safe!