How We Prepare for Summer Ski Racing Camp on Mt. Hood!

Preparing and packing for Mt. Hood doesn’t have to be daunting! Here are 3 ways we are getting ready to be on Mt. Hood this summer.

Dial in your packing list 

Weather on Mt. Hood can be variable in the summer so having all the essentials is well, essential! Luckily, coach BB Hall put together this what’s in my backpack video for you! Check it out to have all of your packing questions answered!

Get back into Ski Journaling 

As mentioned in the video above, journaling is one of the best tools an athlete can use to develop their skills, integrate feedback, and become a great ski racer! We are so excited to be offering a Keely’s Camp Ski Journal for sale this summer (the cover is featured below!) with handpicked journaling prompts to help our athletes at camp. Our journal also includes lots of inspiration and tips from Keely’s Camp coaches and alumni! Making sure you have a ski journal and fun writing utensils is a great way to prepare for a summer Keely’s Camp session on Mt. Hood.

Set some Goals and Get Outside!

Setting goals for your time at Keely’s Camp is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your camp session! We love to hear about everything our campers are excited and nervous for, as both are very normal and common feelings! We have all our campers fill out pre-camp surveys so each coach knows how their group is feeling going into camp! Take a little time to reflect on what you’re hoping to accomplish this summer at Keely’s Camp, hopefully while doing something fun outside!