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How To Demo Skis At Our Mt. Hood Ski Racing Camp For Girls

One perk of coming to our Mt. Hood Ski Racing Camp For Girls is that you can find a variety of ski manufacturers in Government Camp, OR who will let you test out their skis. This is a great opportunity to test out a new brand, length, or radius of ski that you might be […]

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs: Silicon Couloir and Keely’s Camp For Girls

We are excited to share the following video about our founder Keely Kelleher’s experience with Silicon Couloir, an organization offering support and mentorship for entrepreneurs here in Jackson Hole, WY. Learn a little more about our values involving coaching, mentorship, and how we continue to grow in collaboration with Silicon Couloir. This video was created […]

Beacon, Shovel, Probe… What Else?

Earlier this month Keely’s Camp Operations Manager, Head Guide, and Coach Lindsay Mann Davis shared some tools she uses to stay stay safe in backcountry terrain in a Brass 101 Avalanche Webinar! The Brass Avalanche Center provides online resources and webinars centered around avalanche education and safety for competitive snow sport athletes. If you would […]

Four Ways To Ski In College: By Jesse McTigue

Four Ways to Ski In College By Jesse James McTigue Jesse is a mom to two Keely’s Camp athletes, Dartmouth Skiing Alumna, Educator, Outdoor Enthusiast, and College Counselor based in Colorado. Keep reading to hear about Jesse’s perspective on several different paths to keep skiing in your life throughout the college experience.  As a college counselor, […]