Your Guide to Staying Strong for Ski Racing Season with Coach Marissa Haase

Staying strong in the off season is both fun and beneficial for future time on snow! We sat down with coach Marissa Haase who told us about some of her favorite ways to make the most of the off-season!

Marissa has been coaching for 15 years beginning for the Loon Race Team in NH, Division I Plymouth State University, Stratton Mountain School and Killington Mountain School. Most recently Marissa was a strength and conditioning coach at SMS and KMS alongside Alpine coaching. She holds a Level 200 Alpine Certification and has spent time coaching all ages.

The first thing Marissa suggested is a core exercise- all about those planks!

Core strength is super important for stabilization, balance, and power in ski racing. Planks also help to strengthen hip and lower back muscles and prevent exercise related injuries, all essential things for ski racers!

Check out our coaches doing a group plank in the photo above this summer on Mt. Hood!


Speaking of balance, throwing and catching a ball while balancing on one foot is an awesome exercise for balance and strength!

Balance is a super important skill in ski racing that is critical to the mastery of upper-lower body separation, weight transfer, and an aggressive athletic stance.

Build you own obstacle course– a great way to practice speed and agility.

This one of our favorite dryland activities at camp!

Working on speed and agility can help ski racers with quick transitions and weight transfer as well as strength and cardio! Slalom gates surely come at you quick, running through an obstacle course is a great way to practice looking ahead too!

Finding the fun- hiking and biking are super fun ways to work on your general endurance and get outside!

Having fun is one of biggest predictors of long term engagement in sports and being outside has many benefits, as discussed in our May blog post!

Stay tuned for more stories soon from our annual Idaho Mountain Bike Camp for girls!

Follow your local ski club’s recommendations and dryland schedule for more specific training info, these are just a few fun suggestions!