2019/20 Girl on Fire Ski Sponsorship Contest: Backcountry Skiing Addition!

Girl On Fire Sponsorship Application NOW OPEN – Apply Today!

For the month of November, Keely’s Camp in collaboration with BlizzardTecnicaStio, and Shred will run the 7th annual Girl On Fire Sponsorship Contest. The purpose of the sponsorship is to provide equipment and support for one female skier, between the ages of 11-17 years old, who is excited about learning to backcountry ski.

HOW do you WIN the Girl On Fire Sponsorship?

Create a video no longer than one minute in which you include at least one clip of you skiing. Please explain in your video why you love to ski and why you are excited about and interested in backcountry skiing.

WHAT does the Girl On Fire WIN?

-One backcountry ski setup including: Blizzard Zero G Skis, bindings, and climbing skins.
-One pair of Tecnica Zero G backcountry ski boots.
-One Stio Raymer hardshell jacket.
-One Shred kit including goggles, sunglasses, helmet and lite back protector.
-One spot to Keely’s Montana Backcountry Ski Camp for Girls April 9-12, 2020.

Application Deadline: Nov. 30th, 2019. The Girl On Fire will be chosen Dec. 1, 2019.

The Keely’s Camp mission is to empower, inspire, educate, and connect the next generation of girls in skiing and outdoor sports. The hope of this sponsorship is to reduce the costs involved with skiing, and to ensure every deserving skier the opportunity to fulfill their passion and put them on the path to moving mountains. This sponsorship lasts for one year.

Apply for the Girl On Fire Sponsorship Contest here!