5 Tips To Make Your Next Backcountry Skiing Hut Trip the Coziest Yet

The season of spring skiing and hut trips is upon us at last! As backcountry skiers, packing the right gear can make or break a trip. In avalanche courses and guided scenarios, we usually focus most on what gear you need to stay safe while skiing: beacon, shovel, probe, layers, sun protection, and so on. We also recognize that one of the best parts of backcountry skiing hut trips is hut living! Here are 5 tips and packing suggestions to make your next backcountry skiing hut trip the coziest yet:

1. A Classic Cozy Cotton T-Shirt

Not much beats the feeling of getting back after a long, fun day of spring skiing and putting on a clean cotton t-shirt. While cotton is not the best choice for skiing, it is one of our favorite hut trip packing items for the post-adventure hut living.

2. Games!

Unplug, enjoy your company, and get competitive with some games on your next backcountry skiing hut trip. We love dutch blitz, cribbage, salad bowl (all you need is paper and pen), and cards.

To play salad bowl, each player writes several words to put in a bowl. Split the group into two teams and sit in a circle. Eeach player will take a turn being “the actor” and pulling a card from the bowl and their team, “the guessers” will try to guess the word. For the first round, the actor can say anything except the word itself. The guessers will have 60 seconds to guess as many as possible. The group will go around taking turns between the two teams until all cards have been pulled. After counting each team’s successfully guessed cards, you put all cards back in the bowl and repeat. However, this round the actor cannot talk and only act. Repeat all instructions. For the third round, the actor can only say one word (not the word on the card) as a clue to the guessers. 

3. Stuff Sacks

While the black-hole backpack explosion is somewhat inevitable on backcountry skiing hut trips, stuff sacks can help you stay organized. Putting your dirty clothes into one helps keep everything else clean for the rest of your trip!

4. Fleece Pants

For the colder nights in the hut, we love these fleece pants from Stio. They are so soft, warm, and you won’t be able to stop wearing them after your backcountry skiing hut trip is over!

5. Booties

Maximizing your coziness to backpack weight ratio isn’t always easy but pair of slippers or booties are so light it is a no brainer to bring them. These booties from North Face have grippy, durable soles and come in so many bright colors!

Get out there, get cozy, and get skiing!