How To Prepare For Your First Ski Race Of The Season

If you are feeling nervous for your first ski race this season, know that you are not alone and that we have your back with 4 tips on how to prepare

1. Make A Pre-Race Routine, And Practice It!

Figuring out what works for you in your pre-race routine is an awesome way to ease nerves and perform your best at your first ski race this season. If you need a little inspiration this year’s Katie Hensien Sponsorship Winner Maia Harrison told us all about her pre-race routine:

“Having a great warm-up routine will help me better prepare for a successful day on the hill. It will also help me prevent injuries. If I have a set plan/routine it won’t give my mind time to wander or get more nervous than I need to be. I want my warm-up to be as close as possible to professional skiers and ski racers and I am inspired by Mikaela Shiffrin. She never gets to the top and goes full send to the bottom. I don’t do this either. I take a couple of runs warming up. I do a dynamic warm-up first which is stretching and other movements to warm up my body. After that, I do simple drills like wedge turns and hands on the hips or picking up the inside ski. These simple drills will help me prepare mentally and physically for the day ahead. These simple drills also create habits of where my body needs to be when I’m skiing down the course. If it’s a race day at the top of the course I like visualizing the course or listening to music. I do this to help me not only prepare for the course and get into the rhythm, but it also helps me calm my stress and anxiety that comes on race day.”


2. Trust Your Training

You are so capable, don’t forget it! Race day is the perfect opportunity to implement everything you have been working so hard on at training.

Treat your training just like a race so they that come race day, you already know what to do and it doesn’t feel different.


3. Don’t Forget To Breath

Breathwork is such a valuable tool to all athletes, not just ski racers. Taking some deep breaths is a helpful way to connect with your body before your run and calm your mind.

Try to imagine your breath moving from your head all the way down to your feet into your toes, this is a great way to get out of your nervous head. Practicing breathing may also help your breathing in the course- helping you conserve energy and ski your best.

4. Think Positive

Your thoughts are so much more impactful and important than you may think. The way you think about your run absolutely impacts the way you ski it. We love the quote from Coach, Operations Manager, and Head Guide Lindsay Mann: “You are incredibly brave for continuing to stand in the start gate and show up each day” because it is so TRUE!

Be positive and confident, you got this. We can’t wait to watch you move mountains this season Keely’s Campers!