An Experts Approach to Your Local Ski Racing Gear Night

Finding the right skis and boots at your local gear night can be daunting with so many options, luckily we have you covered with 6 foolproof tips to getting the gear you need this season!

1. Ask Questions

Your coaches and the brand ski representatives are experts in the field of gear and are there to help you decide what gear would be best for you.

Utilize them as a resource and ask lots of questions, it can be super helpful to hear multiple opinions and approaches as well. 

2. Try Gear On


There’s nothing worse than buying something that doesn’t fit you so don’t be afraid to try on different gear, specifically ski boots. 


Trying on boots may actually bring some clarity to what fits the best as you can compare it to what doesn’t feel as good. Pay attention to where boots make contact with your feet as these could turn into hot spots later.

3. Arrive Prepared

Before you check out your local gear night, write down what size and flex your skis and boots  from the year prior are. This will help the ski reps and your coaches make a better recommendation for what you should get this year.


Even if you have never skied on race skis before, this info about your freeskiing set up is still super helpful to bring. 


4. Think About the Temperature!

The room you are likely trying boots on in is warmer than a typical day on the mountain. It is important to consider this because ski boots may feel much easier to flex indoors than they would when you are actually skiing in the cold.


Boots that are too stiff make it harder to pressure the ski and thus carve the skis, so it is important to make sure you are buying boots that are the appropriate flex for you.

5. First Year of Racing? Consider Combination Skis 

If it is your first year of ski racing, you might want to consider buying one pair of skis that you could use for all disciplines. 

If you decide to buy one pair of skis, a longer slalom ski is the way to go because it has a short enough turn radius that you can use it for both slalom and GS!


6. Check Out Your Local Used Gear Ski Swap



The bright side of outgrowing your skis is that someone else can still get a great season out of them. Don’t forget to check out your local used gear ski swap for your gear needs this year.