5 Ways To Improve Your Ski Racing Technique From Home

 1. Apply For One of Our Fall Sponsorships 

Our two fall sponsorships are a great opportunity to win new gear, a spot to Keely’s Camp, and ensure a fast ski season!

Apply today for our annual Girl on Fire contest for a chance to win 

-One spot at a 2024 domestic Keely’s Camp of their choice

-One pair of Blizzard women’s skis.
-One Stio winter jacket.
-One SHRED. freeski kit.


The Katie Hensien Sponsorship will also be open for applications starting November 1st, 2023.


2. Write in Your Ski Journal

Ski Journaling is an excellent tool to improve your skiing from home!

We created a Keely’s Camp Ski Journal with personalized prompts for technical and tactical goal setting, reflection, and inspiration. You can buy this journal at any of our fall camps.

One of our favorite activities in the journal is to come up with a race routine. This may include listening to music, visualization, specific drills, or a warm up dance!

Reviewing notes, skills, and focus from the last time you were on snow is also a great way to set yourself up for success this season!

3. Sign up for Online Coaching with Keely’s Camp

Our brand new online coaching curriculum is a great way to improve your skiing from home with the help of our world class female coaches!

Keely’s Camp Online Coaching sessions cater to the needs and desires of our athletes but typically includes video analysis, education, and mentorship.

Visit our website to learn more about Online Coaching. 

4. Check Out Our Blog

If you made this far you probably already know that the Keely’s Camp Blog is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their skiing from home! 


Check out our variety of fun and informative articles to learn more about ski tuning, dryland training, or the value of grit!

5. Watch World Cup Video!

Not only is watching world cup video fun, observing the technique of professional ski racers is a super helpful tool for your own skiing.

Host a world cup watch party with your ski racing friends this fall and talk about what the skiers do well. This is a great way to get excited for your ski season too!

Upcoming Women’s World Cup Dates:

Solden GS: October 28th

Levi SL: November 11th

Zermatt DH: November 18th

Killington GS and SL: November 25th- December 2nd